Thursday, July 14, 2011


Health and exercise is a growing topic in our news/media culture, with the countless weight-loss television shows and celebrities' nip/tuck updates. CoolSculpting was invented to help healthy men and women, who have lost weight and are now healthy, get rid of those stubborn extra pounds, otherwise known as your love handles or muffin tops. There is not enough dieting or exercise to help you shrink down these areas. Some people give up or others have costly surgery with suctions, needles and even lasers. Harvard scientists developed CoolSculpting. It is FDA cleared and clinically proved to help banish those unwanted pounds by freezing the fast cells without ever damaging your skin.

After just one visit, you can see up to 20% reduction in the treated area. If necessary, you can have more treatments, which means more fat lose in those areas. Within months, the fat cells in the treated areas will be gone.

I recall hearing about CoolSculpting on an episode of the Rachel Ray show several months back, so I was eager to do this sponsored review/post. I must say that I enjoyed visiting the website, which is clean and easy to navigate. There are several success stories and patient FAQs. It was nice to see that CoolSculpting has a Facebook page for everyone to visit and like. Be sure to check out and enter the CoolSculpting 12 Weeks to Change Challenge.

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*Disclosure - This was a sponsored post.

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