Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving is Coming

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and already, my family is all about it. My mom recently got satellite internet at home so she’s been emailing everyone relentlessly about what they’re bringing and who and it’s getting to be quite a long email chain. My aunts and uncles are of course going to fly in and it’s going to be a massive party like it always is. I love my family to death but they’re a lot to take so I think I’m going to have my new boyfriend spend the holiday with his family so as not to scare him off quite yet. He’s a great guy but he’s really softspoken so I’m afraid my loud family will totally blow his mind! Anyway, I’m in charge of the ham this year which means I’ve got the easiest dish – just call up the Honeybaked Ham Company and place an order, sounds doable to me! That’s my favorite dish anyway and hopefully I’ll get to take all the leftovers of it back to my house!

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