Sunday, April 8, 2012

Exercise Ramblings 101: Insanity and Home Security

Today I started day one of week 2 of the Insanity program. My legs are killing me, but I'm sticking through it. I got the nerve to weigh myself, and I'm at 197, while I was at 183 before the holidays. So this week a diet is a must.

While being bored tonight, I stumbled upon, which are giving away a $100 Visa Reward offer with your purchase of the ADT Monitored Home Security System. After your $99 installation fee, you can save up to $850 with a free ADT System, which includes: wireless keyboard, three points protection, pet-sensitive motion detector, 2-way voice, high decibel siren, and free keychain remote. To me, that sounds like a good deal, especially when you can have your home monitored by ADT for just about one dollar a day. That sounds like a really great bargain.

ADT has over 130 years of experience and uses up-to-date technology, to ensure that your house is protected, that is why they are American's #1 provider for home security protection. You can control your home anywhere with the ADT Pulse, you can activate or disactivate your ADT Monitored Home Security System with your very own cell phone. Now, you'll know your house is safe and secured no matter where you are at.


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