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Health and exercise is a growing topic in our news/media culture, with the countless weight-loss television shows and celebrities' nip/tuck updates. CoolSculpting was invented to help healthy men and women, who have lost weight and are now healthy, get rid of those stubborn extra pounds, otherwise known as your love handles or muffin tops. There is not enough dieting or exercise to help you shrink down these areas. Some people give up or others have costly surgery with suctions, needles and even lasers. Harvard scientists developed CoolSculpting. It is FDA cleared and clinically proved to help banish those unwanted pounds by freezing the fast cells without ever damaging your skin.

After just one visit, you can see up to 20% reduction in the treated area. If necessary, you can have more treatments, which means more fat lose in those areas. Within months, the fat cells in the treated areas will be gone.

I recall hearing about CoolSculpting on an episode of the Rachel Ray show sever…

Book Review - Eat All Day - Drink All Day

Eat All Day - Drink All Day BY: D.G. Long PUBLISHED BY: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6671-9
Pages: 192
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

There are countless diet plans and how to diet books out there today. Eat All Day - Drink All Day is by a F.F. (Former Fatty) D.G. Long who uses the simple fact that it is way easier to burn off 100 calories than 500 calories or more three times a day. She doesn’t go to the gym, but goes by the 10,000 steps a day method; therefore the average person can easily understand and follow the diet plan that is introduced in the book.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well, you should never skip breakfast and it should always be eaten within an hour of rising from bed.

The only equipment you need for this diet plan are the following: a liquid measuring cup; a set dry measuring cups; a set of measuring spoons; a blender; a small non-stick skillet; and a little kitchen scale.

There are drinks, sal…

Book Review - The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels

The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels For Your Mind and BodyBY: Marlene Jones PUBLISHED BY: Atlantic Publishing PUBLISHED IN: 2011 ISBN: 978-1601383693 Pages: 288 Reviewed by Billy Burgess
Let’s face it; the economy is not getting any better. The food cost and household items are getting more expensive every week. People are looking for ways to save money. The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels for Your Mind and Body contains over 101 natural body care recipes that you can make at home.
The book gives a brief history of aromatherapy, an overview of essential oils and how to handle the oils. There is a long list of common carriers and base oils, like - cranberry seed oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and many others. Then you learn about the common essential oils, like - balsam of Peru, cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, and etc. You learn about the 30 uncommon essentials oils and what oils to avoid. From there you’ll get a bri…