Monday, May 28, 2012

Review - Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat

Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat
AUTHOR: Lisa Shiroff
PUBLISHED BY: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 978-1601383983
PAGES: 288

    I am a cat lover, so when I saw the title Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat: 101 Natural Cat Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Cat Happy, I had to review it. Author and fellow animal lover Lisa Shiroff takes you through the basics, which provides great information for new cat owners, like what a healthy cat looks like; a cat’s natural diet; cat friendly foods; and foods that are dangerous. You’ll also get a brush up on the current trends of the commercial pet food industry, where you’ll learn what and what not to buy for your cat.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Exercise Ramblings 101: A New Start

It’s been awhile since my last 101 post. My exercise was put to a halt after I received several canker sores and two weeks of an extreme case of strep throat. I have been slowly recovering, mentally and physically. You have to get your mind straightened out if you are going to accomplish anything. With that thought, I am getting reading to get back into shape. I have some new workout DVDs, in which I am going to start my workouts on Monday, and I’ve already made some adjustments in my diet.

I’m going to be thirty-one in September and I have to get myself healthy. It’s my new and main goal. My grandfather died in fifties when I was a teenager. He was heavy smoker and an alcoholic. Luckily, I have stayed cleared of cigarettes and alcohol, but not everyone is that lucky. If you recognize that you have a problem, or if a friend or family member has a problem, you should check into a treatment program. Such programs are available at Bradford Health Services.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review -How To Apologize To Your Woman

How To Apologize To Your Woman
AUTHOR: Karen Field Bolek
PUBLISHED BY: Bolekian Perspective Publishing
ISBN: 9780983364603
PAGES: 219

    There is not one man in the world that understands what a woman is thinking, let alone how to apologize to her when you have done something wrong. Author Karen Field Bolek has written an interesting book titled How to Apologize to Your Woman . . . So that she won’t use it against you in the future to help us men to apologize. She shows the reader how to use simple step-by-step methods for delivering a thoughtful apology, so no more lying, just be honest. To give a meaningful apology you have to really mean and feel what you are saying. You must also understand what you are apologizing for. Also taking in consideration your wife’s/girlfriend are feeling about what you said or done to cause the difficult situation in the first place.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Shopping Experience with

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I am excited to share my first experience ordering products from I am currently in their Eden Loves Bloggers program, in which I receive gift cards in exchange for an honest review/post. Instead of saving my first gift card, I spent it on a few products, with the intention of writing few intriguing post about them.

EdenFantasys  has several sections to choose from like, sex toys (for men and women), lingerie, condoms, lubes, adult books, movies, and beauty and body products. My first item to add to my cart was the book The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Matak Chia & Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams & Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D. from HarperOne, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.I thought it would be an interesting read and I can post a review for it in the near future.