Monday, August 5, 2013

Heart Rate Watches Are an Important Factor In Losing Weight

Losing weight ultimately comes down to a simple numbers game. You have to create a deficit, which means you must burn more calories than you take in overall. We all burn a certain amount of calories just by living and breathing. This number is known as our basal metabolic rate. When we actively burn calories, we also must fuel our bodies to get through the day. Ultimately, the idea is to eat at above your BMR, while still maintaining a deficit by exercising.

To accurately take account of our gains and losses, it's best to use a device like a heart rate monitor, which can get an accurate reading by using electrical impulses. Without a heart rate monitor, there's not an accurate method with which you can find the precise numbers. While there are a wealth of online logs of the calories expended doing a range of activities, these are merely estimates. They can be off by quite large margins because we are all different and are starting at out on our own unique fitness levels.

You can find a wide range of heart rate sports watches from There are different brands like Garmin and Polar, which are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. Ultimately, your choice comes down to what you find necessary for you. Some of the most high-end models feature a great deal of extra features that you probably won't need. If you feel like making the extra investment, you may as well go for a model that's strap-less.