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EdenFantasys Labor Day Sale!

EdenFantasys is having a a great Labor Day sale going on right now! The sale ends tomorrow!

Here are a few coupon codes you can use to save lots of money! But remember it ends August 31st!

ROMANCE15 - save 15% on your order 
ROMANCE20 - save 20% on orders of $50+
ROMANCE25 - save 25% on orders of $100+ 
ROMANCE30 - save 30% on orders of $150+ 

You can also save up to 70% off  on nearly 1,000 products, ranging from bras, sexy lingerie, dresses,  a variety of adult toys for men, women and couples, lubes, and gag gifts. There are even Halloween costumes (or you can wear them in the bedroom) on sale staring at 25% off , such asFootball Player female, Purple soda pop girl costume, Candy Stripper Babydoll, and a Female Firefighter.

The Cool Blu Electronic Cigarettes

I have heard of Electronic Cigarettes, but I didn’t know what they really were until I stumbled upon To find out Electronic Cigarettes is this electronic device that will simulate the act of smoking tobacco. It produces an inhaled vapor that resembles the sensation, appearance, and flavor of regular inhaled cigarette smoke. The device is kind of like a humidifier vaporizes; you know the kind you use when you have a cold, which vaporizes a propylene glycol or glycerin type liquid into a mist. This can be a great way for people to quit smoking harmful tobacco, or it can be use in films or a television show where a non-smoker actor has to smoke for a scene.

Adult Halloween Costumes at EdenFantasys!

Great news! EdenFantasys have brought back their Eden Loves Bloggers Program, in which bloggers can receive a gift certificate ($25 to $50) via email for posting an honest post about EdenFantasys. You can post a product review, a sale post, or anything you can think of as long as it is at least two hundred words or more.

After glancing around the site, I noticed that EdenFantasys already has a few Halloween products up for women. I know Halloween is over two months away, but there is no better time to plan ahead. Some of the adult Halloween costumes are Alice (You know, Alice in Wonderland), Army Girl, Police Girl, Night Nurse, Racer Dress (for you Nascar fans), Seductive School Girl, Heart Nurse with Stethoscope, French Maid Babydoll, Corrections Officer, Medical Mary Jane, Night School, and the classic Maid for Fun Costume. These are great outfits for a Halloween Party, or if you just want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Today is a great time to go ahead and order your costume …