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Exercise Rambling 101

October flew by fast and I somehow managed to stay away from the trick-or-treat candy, not to mention the few pounds that I dropped. It seems that I can only lose a pound a week, which is fine with me as long as I can keep those pounds from bouncing back through the upcoming holiday season.

Because of the economy, and just like most Americans, I’m somewhat on a budget, but with most of my Christmas shopping done early, I was hoping to buy a little program called Billy Blanks PT 24/7. The program has been available since early this year through Billy Blanks’ website, but it went retail in October at around $75-$90. Not as expensive as P90x or Insanity, but it can be pricey during a recession. I recently joined Ebay and I have been keeping a close eye on PT 24/7. I made a few bids, but the price always went up and up! I’m glad that I set a spending limit, as I bought the PT 24/7 yesterday through an Ebay store seller for just under $55. Its schedule to ship probably tomorrow, since today was Veterans Day with no mail service. The seller has sent me a tracking number for it.

Last week I received the book The Tae Bo Way by Billy Blanks which I bought on Ebay. The book is in excellent condition. I’ve only had a few minutes to glance through it, but I’m planning on reading it soon, as long with a few other cookbooks/health books, and posting a review on here.

A few weeks before, I bought a pair of 1-pound Everlast gloves from an Ebay seller, a day before I found Tae Bo Power with a set of weighted gloves. A few days later, I noticed my local Walmart had in a $10 pair of weight gloves. I’ve been looking for a pair for months and just when I ordered it Walmart actually gets something in. I received the Everlast gloves a week later and I’m glad that I got them. They are much better than the cheap-made Tae Bo gloves. The only downside is that if you have bigger hands than me, then you probably can’t wear them. They fit me just fine, but for others you might want to look for a different pair. I do recommend using weight gloves during Tae Bo or any other kicking boxing workout.

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Review - The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your LifeThe Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life
BY: Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow, M.D.
PUBLISHED BY: Simon & Schuster, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2551-6
Pages: 289
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life is part autobiography and part inspirational. Glenn Beck, the radio and television host, writes about how he has changed his life. At an early age his mother committed suicide, and he never recovered from it until years later. As an adult, he became addicted to cocaine and alcohol that lead to end of his first marriage. Glenn went though depression and suicide thoughts. When he found a little success in the radio world, he became a material person, a hateful person. After he met his later-to-be second wife, he went inside a church and became closer to God.

Each chapter of Glenn’s is followed by a chapter written by Dr. Keith Ablow. The doctor examines what Glenn has been through, and also shares some of his patients’ stories that are similar.

Unlike Glenn Beck’s other books, this one is not political, but is more spiritual. The authors list seven wonders that will change your life: Courage, Faith, Truth, Compassion, Friendship, Family, and Common Sense. After reading the book, I learned that both authors are very religious, and they believe that everyone has a purpose that God has given them. I enjoyed reading the book, and found it encouraging. Even if you’re not a fan of Glenn Beck, you should check this book.

The Friday 56 - How Not to Gain 17 Pounds at College

* Choose nuts as a snack, on salads, or in main dishes. Use nuts to replace meats or poultry, not in addiction to them.

- page 56, The Complete Guide to Healthy Cooking and Nutrition for College Students: How Not to Gain 17 Pounds at College by J. Lucy Boyd, RN, BSN

Billy Blanks PT 24/7

Thanksgiving is Coming

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and already, my family is all about it. My mom recently got satellite internet at home so she’s been emailing everyone relentlessly about what they’re bringing and who and it’s getting to be quite a long email chain. My aunts and uncles are of course going to fly in and it’s going to be a massive party like it always is. I love my family to death but they’re a lot to take so I think I’m going to have my new boyfriend spend the holiday with his family so as not to scare him off quite yet. He’s a great guy but he’s really softspoken so I’m afraid my loud family will totally blow his mind! Anyway, I’m in charge of the ham this year which means I’ve got the easiest dish – just call up the Honeybaked Ham Company and place an order, sounds doable to me! That’s my favorite dish anyway and hopefully I’ll get to take all the leftovers of it back to my house!

Direct White Professional Teeth Whitening for over 70% off!

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A teeth whitening system at Direct White typically retails for $70, but through this exclusive offer you can get it for just $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping! Get this deal before it's gone, because a price like this only comes along once in a great while!

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