Friday, May 18, 2012

Exercise Ramblings 101: A New Start

It’s been awhile since my last 101 post. My exercise was put to a halt after I received several canker sores and two weeks of an extreme case of strep throat. I have been slowly recovering, mentally and physically. You have to get your mind straightened out if you are going to accomplish anything. With that thought, I am getting reading to get back into shape. I have some new workout DVDs, in which I am going to start my workouts on Monday, and I’ve already made some adjustments in my diet.

I’m going to be thirty-one in September and I have to get myself healthy. It’s my new and main goal. My grandfather died in fifties when I was a teenager. He was heavy smoker and an alcoholic. Luckily, I have stayed cleared of cigarettes and alcohol, but not everyone is that lucky. If you recognize that you have a problem, or if a friend or family member has a problem, you should check into a treatment program. Such programs are available at Bradford Health Services.

Bradford Health Services in Birmingham has been offering people help from the addictions for over thirty years. They have helped adults battle their demons and help them have a meaningful, healthy life. During this hard time, you don’t have to battle your addictions alone. They offer affordable inpatient and outpatient care with their Atlanta alcohol rehab and Atlanta Drug Rehab programs, in which you are offered the chance for hope, healing and recovery.

If you happened to live within the Atlanta area, as Bradford is located 150 mile via I-20), and have or know someone with an addiction, Bradford is a place that came help you start a new life. Bradford also offers an outpatient program for the Georgia residents in the Greater Augusta and Greater Columbus area. With an expert medial staff, proven treatment, great counselors, up-to-date facilities, and strong programs, you will have comfort and security during your treatments. 

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