Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Cool Blu Electronic Cigarettes

I have heard of Electronic Cigarettes, but I didn’t know what they really were until I stumbled upon To find out Electronic Cigarettes is this electronic device that will simulate the act of smoking tobacco. It produces an inhaled vapor that resembles the sensation, appearance, and flavor of regular inhaled cigarette smoke. The device is kind of like a humidifier vaporizes; you know the kind you use when you have a cold, which vaporizes a propylene glycol or glycerin type liquid into a mist. This can be a great way for people to quit smoking harmful tobacco, or it can be use in films or a television show where a non-smoker actor has to smoke for a scene.

Blu is also not a tobacco product, it’s a vaporizer. Can this help you quit smoking? One would think so, but it has not been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device. What is great about blu? Well for starters it can be used in bars, restaurants, stadiums, etc, where tobacco products cannot. What makes Blue stand out from the others brands? Well, blu offers the best quality and safety that all customers are looking for. Their e-liquid is not made overseas, but is made right here in the USA. They also will offer a nifty carrying case while others do not. Now blu has a blue tip, so when you bring out your cigarette in public, they’ll know it is an electronic and not tobacco.

Blu uses small rechargeable battery, but blu disposables cannot be recharged. You can replace the cartridge so you can use other exclusive blu flavors. With different premium start kits, flavors and accessories, blu is the best electronic cigarette on the planet.

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